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Episode 4 – Sports-cast

Leading up to the “Big Game” this weekend, we thought it would be fun to do an all-sports Social Radio Podcast!

The opening track for this episode is “Orpheus & Eurydice” by Voodoo Mind Control.

In the first segment we bring you a few somewhat different sports stories from around the web. We discuss Floyd Mayweather’s betting habits, we tell you how you can stream the Broncos/Seahawks game online, and we look ahead to what might be a scary Winter Olympics.

Playing us into the next segment is hip hop group Lux Continuum with their song “Es Muss Sein.”

Next up is our very first listener suggested topic! Reddit user frisbeejesus told us to look into Ultimate Frisbee, so that’s exactly what we did. What we found is an amazing sport with loads of potential. We spoke with Brodie Smith of Everything Ultimate who told us all about how the sport has grown in the past couple of years. There are even two new professional Ultimate leagues, the AUDL and the MLU, which have elevated the sport to a whole new level. For more news and information check out, who covers all levels of ultimate from college and club as well as the pros! During this segment we played tracks by Iain Speece and Taylor Norton.

Finally, we announced a survey we’ve posted in an attempt to gather a little demographic data so we can learn a little more about YOU, the listeners! Help us out by taking just a couple minutes to fill it out.

The closing track for this episode is “The Meteorologist” by Andolino.

Be sure to watch for updates about next week’s show, and let us know your thoughts!

Thanks for listening!

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    Check out our new episodes! They’re…well, they’re better!

    the Host
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