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Show Teaser

Hey Everyone! Here's a little teaser for the show's concept. It's still a little unclear even to us, so take a listen and then contact us to let us know what you think. This show can only be as goo...

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Episode 2 of the new SRP!

Episode 2 of the NEW Social Radio Podcast! by SocialRadioPod This week's show features some of the first group of artists to submit tune to the subreddit r/SocialRadioPodcast! That's the preferred ...

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The New SRP – Episode 6

The New SRP - Episode 6 by SocialRadioPod Artists featured on this episode (in order of appearance): The Coward Flowers - "More Than Cinders" Mason and Landon - "Quicksand" Alix Tornai-Wil...

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The NEW Social Radio Podcast – Episode 3

Artists and tracks featured on this week's show: Opening theme by Alan Fike Castle Bravo - "Anybody Else" Matt Harold  - "Disruption" The Sombodys - "St. Louie" Coyote Fairgrounds - ...

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