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About Us

the Social Radio Podcast

The SRP is all yours! By featuring music produced by social media users like you, this show is a unique product that truly serves its listeners.

If you or someone you know makes music of any style or genre, share it with us! If we like what we hear, then you could be the next artist featured on the show. Musicians and Bands are also encouraged to come on the show to promote album releases or upcoming shows. Drop us a line so we can set something up.

Feel free to get in touch with us:

the Host

Hey there! My name is Joe Crinkley. I’m a graduate student at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I’m in the final phase of getting my master’s degree in Mass Communications with a specialization in Telecommunication. The Social Radio Podcast was a part of my thesis project, but now it’s just a way for me to connect to other people out there who like music and want to share it!

There is so much cool music out there and so many amazing musicians flying under the radar! Join me in exploring the music of the web each week on the Social Radio Podcast!

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