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The Social Radio Podcast is your music!

Musicians of the Web,

Send me your tunes!

The Social Radio podcast is a weekly radio-style show featuring songs written and  performed by social media users like you. Any group or individual is welcome to contribute. I can’t guarantee that I’ll use anything you submit, but I promise to listen and never harshly criticize your work.

Feel free to drop us a line here at the website, or you can find us on Facebook, tweet us @SocialRadioPod, or message the mod at r/SocialRadioPodcast.

What I’m looking for is any kind of song or other audio composition that you’d care to share. I’d also be happy to have you come on the show to promote any album releases or upcoming shows.

The idea is to create a place for people share and hear music made by other humans from across the web. Listen in or be a part of the show, and let us know if you have other thoughts about the program.

Thanks for listening!

-the Social Radio Podcast

Check out the latest episodes:


The New SRP – Episode 6

The New SRP - Episode 6 by SocialRadioPod Artists featured on this episode (in order of appearance): The Coward Flowers - "More Than Cinders" Mason and Landon - "Quicksand" Alix Tornai-Wil...

posted: 1764 days 9 hrs 41 mins ago by the Host [ 191 ] in

The NEW Social Radio Podcast – Episode 5!

This week's Tracks (in the order they are played): Blank Era - "Stop Playin'" (YPA & Coldsummer Records) Kin6 Certified "Kin6 Shytt (What You Need)" Ft. Yung Dreal (YPA & Coldsummer Recor...

posted: 1778 days 3 hrs 56 mins ago by the Host [ 191 ] in

New SRP – Episode 4!

Artists and tracks in the order that they play: Drowned Sound - "No Concerns" (Video) Kcazingy - "Toys in the Attic" Moro - "Deep Sea Drowning" Clifton - "Callipoe's Rays" The Brothe...

posted: 1785 days 3 hrs 42 mins ago by the Host [ 191 ] in

The NEW Social Radio Podcast – Episode 3

Artists and tracks featured on this week's show: Opening theme by Alan Fike Castle Bravo - "Anybody Else" Matt Harold  - "Disruption" The Sombodys - "St. Louie" Coyote Fairgrounds - ...

posted: 1792 days 11 hrs 20 mins ago by the Host [ 191 ] in

Episode 2 of the new SRP!

Episode 2 of the NEW Social Radio Podcast! by SocialRadioPod This week's show features some of the first group of artists to submit tune to the subreddit r/SocialRadioPodcast! That's the preferred ...

posted: 1799 days 11 hrs 42 mins ago by the Host [ 191 ] in

Episode 7 – Transition 2 New SRP! (Episode 1)

It's a new era on the SRP! We're changing in all kinds of ways. Shows are now going to be released on Tuesdays  for starters, but the major change is that the focus of the show is going in a...

posted: 1806 days 10 hrs 7 mins ago by the Host [ 191 ] in
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